New Mexico Medical Cannabis Brief Review

New Mexico's Medical Cannabis Program (MCP) was established in 2007 under the Lynn and Erin Compassionate Use Act to allow the beneficial use of medical cannabis for alleviating symptoms caused by debilitating medical conditions and their medical treatments. Any New Mexico resident may submit a petition to the MCP Advisory Board requesting the addition of a new medical condition, treatment or disease. The Medical Cannabis Advisory Board convenes at least twice each calendar year to conduct public meetings and is made up of eight board certified practitioners.

New and prospective patients can be confused by the process and unsure about whom to trust. There is a range of providers from those who are friendly, professional and confidential to some that are abusive to staff and patients, unscrupulous, and fail to protect your private medical history as required under HIPAA laws and protections. InfoImagination provides a review of licensing and dispensing providers.

Will New Mexico Legalize Recreational Cannabis?

California Legalizes Recreational Cannabis

On January 1, 2018, the state of California legalized the recreation use of cannabis. The state's nearly 40 million people now join over 20 percent of the nation who have legal access to either medical and/or recreational weed. Progressive New Mexico Legislators again push for the legalization of cannabis. The bill proposed would allow anyone over 21 to purchase marijuana for recreational or medicinal purposes. Lawmakers are seeing the tax income legalization would generate and are hoping to use that to reduce deficit.

State Senator Jerry Ortiz y Pino (D-Albuquerque) has tried to legalize marijuana in New Mexico for the past several years, but his efforts have been blocked each time. During the 2017 Legislative Session, Ortiz y Pino's resolution was tabled in committee when TWO Democrats expressed opposition. Both said they knew people with drug problems ... people are addicted to cigarettes; people are addicted to alcohol; people are addicted to gambling. Yet society has legalized these activities. Regulation helps us reduce problems and get people help. Illegal markets bring CRIME!

Crime is a SERIOUS concern in New Mexico. Out of 50 states in the nation, NM ranks 49th in Crime; Education: 48th; Economy: 47th; Opportunity: 46th. Unemployment is second worse, behind only Alaska. Legalizing Cannabis will (1) reduce crime, (2) increase revenue for public education, (3) increase opportunity for small business, and (4) stimulate the sluggish economy to create good paying jobs. Isn't it time to FUND critical programs rather than fuel CRIMINALS and THUGS?

Where To Obtain Your Medical Cannabis License

Cannabis Concierge

MJ Express-O


The Cannabis Concierge, Deborah Foley, provides certification services for new and renewing patients at MJ Express-O and Minerva Canna Group. Annual Recertification is $60, which is the BEST deal at this time in the Albuquerque area. Ms. Foley, MSPAS, PA-C (Board Certified Physician Assistant) has worked over 30 years as a PA in family practice and now conducts consultations at MJ Express-O's Albuquerque office, 417 Tramway Blvd NE, and Minerva Canna Group's 4th Street location.

Minerva Canna Group Rates 2017

Walk-ins are welcome, or to make an appointment, call or text Deborah at 505-507-5078. Currently scheduled at Minerva Canna Group on Mondays and Thursdays; MJ Express-O on Fridays and Saturdays.

For more information, visit both company websites:
MJ Express-O:

Veteran Services
Mr. Foley also serves Grow For Vets. Veterans just need to register: for a free medical card: new or renewal.

FIVE STAR REVIEW: I've been a NM Medical Cannabis patient for about ten years. This year I had visited with Ms. Foley at the MJ Express-O location. She's a delightful person. She made me feel comfortable and at ease. We discussed my medical history in a private room. The session was discreet and professional. She provided a basic medical exam and asked about my medication practices. She answered all questions I had, as well as updated me on latest medical and social research about medical cannabis. The exam lasted about 20 minutes and she handed me a fully completed and pre-addressed recertification packet to mail to DOH minutes later. Both offices are located in a dispensary and the staff at MJ Express-O and Minerva are fun, lively and awesome. Highly Recommend!!!

— Jeff G

Zia Health and Wellness

Zia Health and Wellness


  • On Time Appointments
  • Competitive pricing
  • Reliable doctor
  • Secure online HIPAA-compliant application

phone: 505.299.7873
5401 Lomas Blvd NE
Albuquerque, NM 87110


Pre-Doctor Experience: I and my wife both suffer from PTSD amongst other ailments. We both served in the ARMY, have served in Iraq, (me: Infantry, her: NBC) and met in Ft. Hood, TX after our separate deployments. We both have had different experiences in the Middle East, but in the end both ended up suffering from PTSD, physical pain, and extreme headaches ...

We both already have scheduled appointments set within just over a week, and both our appointments on the same day, within 30 minutes of each other. We are also getting a veteran discount for the visit. The two women I have been speaking to, Emily and Julie, are complete sweethearts. They are very very knowledgeable on the whole process, answer my many many questions honestly, and are very concise with their answers ...

After Visit Update: Excellent experience! Pat is so on point. He hustles around, taking care of tons of people coming in and out, and still takes time to answer any questions you may have, no matter how midscul they may seem. He even had a few conversations with me, answering every question I asked, while visibly busy, and still staying on top of every single matter presented to him. Since it is a 3.5 hour drive from where we lived we arrived way early. Pat got both me and my wife in to see the doctor (also very nice and knowledgeable) over an hour earlier than our scheduled appointments. We both DID get our Veteran's discount, and get another with an even cheaper price next year for renewal. I would give Zia 5 extra stars if I could ...

— Brandon Branwen

FIVE STAR REVIEW: I've gotten my card through Zia for a couple of years and they've always been helpful. Julie is the best as far as taking care of things quickly, efficiently and correctly, and is always friendly and helpful. They stay up-to-date on the NMDOH's ever-changing rules, too. I'd recommend them to anyone who needs a card.

As far as the negative reviews here, this place isn't a dispensary. Zia is a doctor's office and is not behind glass or bars and isn't at all shady. Also, the state issues a cannabis card, a doctor's office cannot, they just provide approval for enrollment.

And $30 is for a grower's card & it's the state's own, separate fee. Zia and their doctors take care of everything else, including providing the grower's app, if needed.

— Gilbert R

MedCan Consultants of NM

MedCan Consults of NM



FREE: Caregiver Sign Off
$100: NEW PTSD (w/existing written diagnosis)
$125: NEW ALL OTHER CONDITIONS (must have medical record for the condition)

*March Grand Opening Special: MedCan pays tax on appointment

(505) 503-8707
3504 Montgomery Blvd. NE, Suite A
Albuquerque, NM 87107

Our neighbors, Dr. Steven Rosenberg M.D. and MedCan Consultants are open Monday and Friday from 9AM-5PM, as well as the first Saturday of the month from 9AM-2PM for patients seeking renewals, as well as people seeking to apply to the New Mexico Medical Cannabis Program for the first time.

Dr. Rosenberg is an Anesthesiologist from back east in old New York, who came to appreciate the benefits of cannabis after the death of a close relative who refused treatment because of it's illegal status, but who could've benefited from the medicine's relief.

If you have a question for Dr. Rosenberg, or would like to make an appointment, give him a call at (505) 503-8707 or stop by and say hello.

Dr. Nicholas Nardacci, MD

Dr. Nicholas Nardacci, MD


Dr Nicholas Nardacci, M.D. is not currently practicing & is referring his patients to Zia Health & Wellness until he can reinstate his New Mexico license.

For an appointment please call:
(505) 818-4376

Let Ed Gifford, clinic director, know Dr Nick referred you to get the best rates.

ONE STAR REVIEW: Liar and scam artist his license was revoked and he robs disabled and ptsd poor people this man is disgusting excuse for a man let alone a M.D. Ha thief ass liar.

— Matthew Hunter

ONE STAR REVIEW: This guy is an idiot, I can't believe he holds a doctorate in anything. He must of gotten his degree in Mexico or some third-world country. He has about 6 "secretaries" all of them unorganized and spastic. All medical records are stored on the floor in his spare bedroom/office. One of the most unprofessional group of individuals. I will not be asking him for any help in the future.

— A Google User

Legalize Cannabis Now


  • Less Children Use Pot
  • Traffic Fatalities Lower
  • Fewer People Take Dangerous Meds
  • Record Job Growth
  • Violent Crime Drops
  • More Tax Money Than Alcohol
Legalize Cannabis

NM Brief Relief

MN Brief Relief


  • Owner, Jerome David Valdez, has been abusive to female staff
  • Appointments NOT on time
  • Doctor is NOT reliable
  • High, unreasonable prices
  • Engages in illegal and "shady" business practices
  • Owes people money
  • Unprofessional, "home wrecking" behavior
  • During 2016, online application was NOT HIPAA-compliant. Patient information transferred in NON-secure manner

HIGH Prices — NMBR Facebook post (2.17.17): "Renewals are just $99! New Non-PTSD $199! New PTSD $225! (plus applicable tax) ..."

Why do charge more for PTSD? I only paid $89 for mine.

— Salazar Victoria

AVOID LIKE PLAGUE: I had heard from one person that this place was good. So, over a month before my cards expired I called for an appointment. I had to wait a couple of weeks for the appointment, but it was still a month or so before expiration. Yet they often advertise "walk ins welcome"?????

I live about 1.5 hours away. When I went to the appointment, I had to wait so long for the APPOINTMENT to be kept -- over 2 hours --- that I was unable to do anything else in town, necessitating a 2nd trip. Yet they advertise "walk ins welcome"? Is that the problem --- they ignore appointments and just go in order of when you show up??? Why not say that?

That was only the beginning. They then let me know I was missing proof of home ownership so I emailed them a photo of my property tax bill. That wasn't good enough. I had to drive to town again --- no offer of recompense for the extra trips, no apologies.

Nothing was done by the due date. I finally got my patient card w/the grow license marked "no". Calling David, emailing David, is pointless I've learned. They don't wish to talk to you until you have spent days trying to reach them and are angry and yelling --- THEN they don't have answers, just tell you to call back in a few weeks if things aren't worked out.

I did finally get my patient and grow card, but it was a month and a half after the expiration date. Do you think David and crew have called to check? No of course not. Avoid this place like the plague!!!!!

— Rebecca Cummings

TWO STAR REVIEW: I hope the NMCC event was an exception in customer service. Such an unbelievably misleading and time consuming process. A mandatory siminar that's only mandatory to some. That's only available at 5pm yet the flyer only says doctors available on site all day. To withhold that information from the public and to not even be able to give people a time line on how long the siminar is or how long it will after that to be seen is very unprofessional. Any questions to the staff are frustratingly met with the same answer of, "I don't know, ask David" who is unpresent. There were quite a few very frustrated people from what I saw. Called David three times with no return call.

— James Smith

NOT RECOMMENDED: I paid the service fee and completed the Dr. consult on the same day 4/18. Just talked to the NM dept of health and they said my application was received on 4/29!!?? WTF? The girl at the front desk gave me a bullshit line about each application being hand delivered due to long waiting lists. My neighbor said his service Zuni Cannabis submitted his application on the same day and he had his card in 3 weeks and paid less than me. WTF? This is not good service. I don't want a BS excuse about unnecessary delays submitting applications. Not recommended.

— Toto Payne Diaz

Where To Obtain Medical Cannabis

SouthWest Organic Producers

SouthWest Organic Producers

Southwest Organic Producers (SWOP) is a patient-focused New Mexico Medical Cannabis Producer. They have been providing high-quality, lab-tested cannabis products to patients since 2009.

3504 Montgomery Blvd NE
Albuquerque, NM 87107

FIVE STAR REVIEW: Once of the first five producers licensed in the state and since they have been one of our best dispensaries at providing patients top quality medicine. They use a strain specific approach to medicine so you know what strain is in your edible, concentrate or tincture. And the selection of strains is a great one.

— Jason Barker

Minerva Canna Group

Minerva Canna Group

Licensed, non-profit producer and seller of medical cannabis. Minerva claims to be honored to help patients obtain the medical cannabis they need to improve their lives.

UPDATE 2.17.17: NEW Location in Bernalillo
113 W. 550 Bernalillo, NM 87004
(505) 404-8182

Albuquerque Location
7103 4th Street NW, Building M
Albuquerque, NM 87107 phone: 505.888.2699

Los Lunas Location
336 Main Street SW
Los Lunas, NM 87031
(505) 865-7809


FIVE STAR REVIEW: They are awesome here, always greet me with kindness & a smile. Everyone is great but Ken gets the "Employee of the Month" plaque & parking spot. He's been very helpful & informative during the growing process with my plants. I highly *wink & giggles* recommend Minerva.

— Sabrina Yudovitz

The Verdes Foundation

The Verdes Foundation

A medical cannabis dispensary in both Albuquerque and Rio Rancho that strives to provide exceptional quality and care to patients for better relief.

6005 Coronado Ave NE
Albuquerque, NM 87109

FIVE STAR REVIEW: I love this place. They have the best stuff easily, not to mention good prices and amazing customer service. Every single person that is ever taking care of me over there have gone above and beyond. I will be a lifelong customer here.

— Ashley Quintana

Brief Review About What's New

Medical Cannabis Save Lives

Petition NM Secretary of Health Lynn Gallagher

On November 4, the Department of Health will hold a public hearing on a petition to approve opioid use disorder as a qualifying condition for the medical cannabis program. Sign our petition: tell Health Secretary Lynn Gallagher to let people struggling with opioid dependence to access medical cannabis.

Petition NM Secretary of Health Lynn Gallagher
Opioid addiction and overdose deaths in New Mexico continue to rise. Clinicians, patients and community advocates agree that the treatments and tools available are not enough. New Mexicans deserve access to the medicine that works for them, and many report that medical cannabis helps them decrease dependence on illicit and prescription opioids.


Medical Cannabis Revenues Grow Green

NM Department of Health MCP

The New Mexico Department of Health Medical Cannabis program released tax revenue figures this week. Medical Cannabis sales is the state exceed $50.6 million for 2016. This is up more than 64% over last year.

Medical Cannabis sales significantly surpassed other industries, such as the New Mexico chile crop that was valued at $41.1 million in 2015 and the state's craft beer industry should yield about $30 million in 2016.

The New Mexico Department of Health reported an active patient enrollment at 32,840 as of October 2016 from 18,628 in 2015. This is an increase of 76%.

CBD Remains Illegal

Drug Enforcement Agency

In December 2016, the DEA released a notice titled "Establishment of a New Drug Code for Marihuana Extract" in the Federal Register. The government agency created a code for "marihuana extracts" for the purpose of tracking scientific studies of these compounds separately from marijuana.

The DEA claims this will also help the federal agency better comply with international drug control treaties.

This means users need to be careful. The fact extracts have a specific drug code means they "continue to be treated as Schedule I controlled substances." If you don't know, don't go!

NMBR Features High Desert Relief

High Desert Relief Featured

High Desert Relief (website) has a new location at 4840 Pan American NE, Suite H, and has been serving patients since 2012. Their stated mission is to provide the highest quality medicine possible through our relentless devotion and our responsibilities to you. We personally reviewed their new location Saturday, September 23rd (see below):

FIVE STAR REVIEW: High Desert Relief has carried excellent quality medication for years. Extremely happy they moved to more convenient location. New facilities are professional, discreet and fun. Worked with Alex yesterday — excellent bud tender. HDR continues their success: fantastic product, knowledgeable staff and now a convenient location. Thank you for your years of service! Call in your order, pick it up minutes later. Play ping pong or shoot some hoops in their facility while you wait.